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CloudTech Security Pack

  • Applies to: All Service Types

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Time needed: 5 minutes

  • Tools needed: None

  • Applies to: Grid
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: Variable
    • Tools Required: AccountCenter Access
  • Applies to: All DV
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: Variable
    • Tools Required: AccountCenter Access


The CloudTech Security Pack service is a new suite of comprehensive site security tools to help protect your website from the web's many threats. This protective suite includes the following features:

  • Proactive Security Monitoring: CloudTech schedules automated server-side scans of up to 5 domains or subdomains for vulnerabilities daily.
  • Alerting: Any malware incidents detected by CloudTech are immediately brought to your attention via support request.
  • Security Cleanup: If your site is compromised, CloudTech experts can perform a one time cleanup via the On-Demand Malware and Blacklist Removal service. While these cleanups are available at a standalone cost of $99, the CloudTech Security Pack includes two such cleanups per month as part of your subscription. (Any additional cleanups will be billed @ $49.00)

Check out this video for additional insight:



CloudTech Security Pack pricing is as follows:

  • CloudTech Security Pack for Grid: $49/month or $499/year
    • Up to 5 domains included
    • Additional domains or subdomains: $5/month
  • CloudTech Security Pack for DV: $49/month or $499/year
    • Up to 5 domains included
    • Additional domains or subdomains: $5/month
  • CloudTech Always-On + Security Pack: $299/month or $3399/year
    • Included as part of CloudTech Always-On or Managed Hosting services
    • Additional domains or subdomains: $5/month

Frequently Asked Questions 

My site is hacked! Can I sign up for a new CloudTech Security Pack to fix it?

The CloudTech Security Pack is a proactive solution intended to protect your websites from intrusion. Unfortunately, we aren't able to apply this service to a site that is already compromised. Compromised sites will first need to purchase a one-time Malware Cleanup and Blacklist Removal service.

What happens when I sign up for the CloudTech Security Pack?

After you complete our initial questionnaire, our CloudTech experts will reach out to you to set up your daily security scan and will provide a free On-Demand Security Audit to search for common security vulnerabilities.

What kind of exploits can CloudTech clean up if I get hacked?

Our service scans and cleans a wide range of exploits, including JavaScript, iFrame, and PHP injection. For more details on the On-Demand Malware and Blacklist removal service (included with your Always-On subscription), please see this article.

What if I need Security Pack services for more than one domain?

The CloudTech Security Pack covers a single domain when activated. However, coverage for additional domains is available at a cost of $5 per domain.

How do I order the CloudTech Security Pack?

The CloudTech Security Pack may be purchased directly through your AccountCenter or via this link.