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Ordering additional IP addresses

  • Applies to: (ve), All DV

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Time needed: 10 minutes

  • Tools needed: AccountCenter access

  • Applies to: All DV & (ve)
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Time Needed: 10
    • Tools Required: AccountCenter access


This article provides you details on how to purchase additional IP addresses for any DV server or (ve) Server. By default, all (mt) Media Temple services come with one IP address.


IPv4 addresses are becoming very scarce. (mt) Media Temple reviews all IP requests. It is at our discretion (and only with clearly demonstrated need) that IP requests are granted. As such, we may reject your request for an additional IP address.

For information on the IPv4 scarcity, please see this Wikipedia article.



The DV 4.0 with Plesk 10.3 and higher supports the Server Name Indication (SNI) extension to the Transport Layer Security protocol, which makes it possible to use authentic SSL certificates for sites hosted on shared IP addresses. For more information, please see: How can I host multiple sites on a single IP address?

It is possible to order additional IP addresses as long as you have a valid reason for requiring them, such as for SSL certificates. However, we do limit our customers to a maximum of 16 IP addresses per service. Additional IP addresses may be purchased by opening a support request with the following information:

  • State the reason that each additional IP is required.
  • Confirm that you fully accept the charges of $5/month for EACH additional IP address added to your services. If you would like to be charged for this yearly instead of monthly, please note that in the support request as well.
  • Please provide the total number of new IP addresses you will be ordering. If you are ordering IP addresses for multiple services at once, please detail the total for each service.

In your support request, you will need to state your reason(s) for the additional unique addresses. "I have 8 sites and I want an IP for each of them" would not be considered a legitimate answer; such a justification will be declined. ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) has strict rules regarding IP allocation, so we must adhere to their rules.

In some cases, we will be unable to add additional IP addresses to your server unless you move to a different IP range entirely, which will require changing all of your currently assigned IP addresses. For this reason, please be prepared to make changes to your current DNS configuration. Normally, this process is trivial and takes only 1-2 business days for us. However, there are some extreme cases that might make this process take 7-10 business days. In these instances, we will notify you first to ask how you would like to proceed.

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